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A podcast about motherhood IRL. 2 mompreneuer friends keepin it real AF. With Naya Weber and Alexis Edwards.

Jun 25, 2019

On today's episode we'll be discussing the white washing of motherhood. This topic is sure to bring up some discomfort, but that’s what we do here. We talk about the things not always prioritized in conversations around parenting. So let’s open our hearts and minds and take some time to listen, reflect and grow! We are thrilled to have our friend and colleague, Courtney Butts back on the squad to dive into this topic with us. Courtney joined us last season as we discussed maternal mortality and we are looking forward to hearing her viewpoint on today’s topic as well.  

Courtney Butts is a Licensed Master Social Worker and Certified BEST Doula in Dallas, TX. She has a BS in Psychology and a MS in Social Work. Courtney has over 10 years of experience educating and supporting individuals and families. After the birth of her son, Courtney knew she wanted to serve as a support to other families as a doula and childbirth educator. This work has allowed Courtney to bring together two things she is passionate about- working with trauma survivors and her love of all things pregnancy and postpartum. Her goal is to provide a safe and compassionate space for families to bring life into the world. Courtney also provides therapy with a focus on maternal mental health. 

Courtney’s Intro: