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A podcast about motherhood IRL. 2 mompreneuer friends keepin it real AF. With Naya Weber and Alexis Edwards.

Nov 19, 2018

Today is the final episode of season one of TKS, but don’t fret, season two will be here before you know it! We have some amazing things planned for early next year including loads of kickass content, guests, and even an in-person Galentine’s event!!! Be sure to follow us on social to stay up to date. 

Today we have the best of the best as far as episode guests...OUR MEN!!!! We wanted to give our audience a glimpse of who TKS is so what better way to share some of our quirks than to bring on our partners! Join TKS as they laugh through a newlywed style game full of silly and sometimes awkward questions about our habits, fears, first dates, you name it!


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