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A podcast about motherhood IRL. 2 mompreneuer friends keepin it real AF. With Naya Weber and Alexis Edwards.

May 21, 2019

On this episode of the Top Knot Squad, we will be discussing political activism as parents. There are many ways to be an activist. You can donate time, expertise, funds, or become a volunteer. Sometimes it’s just about staying true to your beliefs, staying informed on topics you feel passionate about, and sharing what you know with others in your life. Today we are excited to explore this topic in more depth with mom and political activist, Becky Bullard.

Becky Bullard is a co-founder of Rouser—a Texas-based progressive media company—and co-host of the podcast "The Rabble: Texas politics for the unruly mob." She left a successful career as an advertising copywriter and strategist for some of the world's biggest brands (like Dell and Chipotle) to form Rouser, a company with a mission to bring more Texans into the political process at every level. She likes to think of Rouser as the “kale brownie” of Texas politics—real substance that feels like a treat. On "The Rabble" podcast, Becky and co-hosts Ashley Cheng and Kristen Gunn weave in their personal experiences with everything from miscarriage to immigration alongside policy lessons and interviews with a wide range of folks, from high schoolers creating change to presidential candidates. Growing up as a devout Christian conservative whose views evolved over time to the complete opposite end of the spectrum, Becky brings a unique perspective to Texas politics.